The Weather Station Piano Version of ‘Tried To Tell You + Tiny Desk Concert

The Weather Station today releases a stripped back piano version of Ignorance standout “Tried To Tell You.”
It relies solely on Lindeman’s vocals and so piano. “I’ve always had a so spot for the traditional ballad, for the heart loosening pull of that deep pocket, big feelings, classic kind of song, that you don’t hear too oen anymore,” says Lindeman. “When we recorded ‘Tried To Tell You,’ it always seemed important to me to capture the subliminal fierceness of the song, to have those strong drums, sharp strings, to preserve the hard edges of it. But as time has passed, and I’ve played this song alone, I realized it also had a soness to it, that it also works as a classic ballad, a classic song. So I wanted to record a deep pocket big feelings iteration of the song, to sit alongside the album version, as they both feel equally valid tome.”
She also today releases a really beautiful Tiny Desk Concert for NPR, filmed in the forest behind the house she grew up in. She plays four of Ignorance’s tracks: “Tried to Tell You,” “Parking Lot,” “Atlantic,” and “Robber.”
Watch Tiny Desk here: