Water From Your Eyes sign to Mattitude Publishing

We’re so excited to now publish Water From Your Eyes through our Mattitude imprint.

Water From Your Eyes are New York based duo Rachel Brown (they/them) and Nate Amos (he/him) , who also have thriving individual projects, as thanks for coming and This Is Lorelei respectively.

The pair started making music together in 2016 while living in Chicago. Over the next few years, Water From Your Eyes’ music drifted toward rangier and less conventional sounds, incorporating serene industrial polyrhythms, ambient drone music, and contemporary composition.

Their latest record, 2023’s Everyone’s Crushed -released on Matador Records – is shot through with unresolved tension, its nine tracks skittishly refusing to seek out resolute endings or stick to traditional structures. Everyone’s Crushed maps the liminal space between humor and darkness, between cracking up and freaking out.