The Weather Station Releases New Album ‘Ignorance’

The Weather Station​ – project of ​Tamara Lindeman​ – has today released her new album, ​Ignorance on ​Fat Possum Records​.

Through ​Ignorance,​ Lindeman has remade what The Weather Station sounds like, using the occasion of a new record to create a novel sonic landscape, tailor-made to express an emotional idea. ​Ignorance​ is sensuous, ravishing, as hi-fi a record as Lindeman has ever made, breaking into pure pop at moments, at others a dense wilderness of notes; a deeply rhythmic and painful record that feels more urgent and clear than her work ever has. The natural world is everywhere on this record, intruding with force and poignancy.

Ignorance​ marks Lindeman’s first experience writing on keyboard, not guitar, and her first time building out arrangements before bringing them to a band. Most of the songs are underlaid with pure rhythm, played by ​Kieran Adams​ (Diana). The bass, played by ​Ben Whiteley​, similarly hews to the straight and narrow. Montreal producer ​Marcus Paquin​ (Arcade Fire) co-produced, with Lindeman, and also mixed the record.

“The album ends with the sound of a foot releasing the piano’s sustain pedal. Perfect.”

– Uncut ★★★★

“Lindeman’s nimble voice moves from airy falsetto to an earthy alto with the grace and daring of a diving bird.”New York Times

“Amid Ignorance’s bustling arrangements, [Lindeman’s] lyrics have the impact of fireworks, sparks that zip upward and explode with scintillating brilliance.”Pitchfork

“Shades of Talk Talk and Sensual World-era Kate Bush glimmer through Tamara Lindeman’s comeback, which reinvents the Canadian folk-rock outfit as art-pop aesthetes with a sharply surreal line in political commentary.”The Guardian