Powell releases two albums, announces multimedia collaboration

Powell has released two new albums as part of a multimedia collaboration called a ƒolder.

The English artist, known for his label, Diagonal, as well as his punky electronic records, released on labels like XL, describes a ƒolder as “a kind of polyphonic outputting organism that contracts + expands ↻ inflates ↻ deflates to include not just my own new stuff ⨧ but also ⨧ the H!-sensitive film and imagery of Norwegian visual artist Marte Eknæs ± Swiss filmmaker/animator Michael Amstad.”

The introductory a ƒolder releases include two albums from Powell, aƒ18_flash across the intervals_lp and aƒ19_multiply the sides_lp, as well as an 18-minute film by Eknæs and Amstad, aƒ2 ➜ multi-mendy 1-3, soundtracked by Powell.