London O’ Connor re-releases remastered debut album, O∆, on True Panther Sounds

London O’ Connor is songwriter and producer and self-professed wanderer from California. He is our newest signing to the Beggars Music roster.

A remastered version of his debut album, O∆, (originally released in 2015) was released physically and digitally on February 17th 2017 on True Panther Sounds, published by Beggars Music.

O∆, the debut album from the self produced american songwriter, is a post-any-genre narrative told through vivid and visual production he made from the contents of his backpack while sleeping on floors and couches in New York City.  It details the suburban world he grew up in and fled from in Southern California years before.  His story is not that unlike many others, “a kid who feels stifled in America’s suburbs and wants to get out.” But, there is a clarity and vulnerability in London’s version that is rare. From the meticulously simplified arrangements to the lyrics that stand out more as admissions than punchlines, to his opening live sets in New York that saw him perched on top of a solitary cube of light in a blacked out venue– London’s mode of expression is to reduce until there is nothing left to hide behind.

Find all the links to listen (Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp) and buy the album (via True Panther, iTunes) HERE:

London supports Glass Animals at their sold-out Brixton Academy show on March 16th.

Following that, he plays his own headline show at Montague Arms in London on March 21st. Tickets: