Beggars Music New Signings! Westerman, Velvet Negroni and Chuck Sutton

Will Westerman, who performs as Westerman, is a rising British singer-songwriter, signed to Blue Flowers, who we have signed to 4AD Songs. 
He has so far released 2 EPs and a handful of singles and is currently working on new music.
His music is fantastic and we are very excited to begin working with him.

Video for Outside Sublime:



Chuck Sutton: 

Chuck Sutton is a producer and artist based in New York and Philadelphia who we have signed to Beggars Music.


Velvet Negroni:
Velvet Negroni is the moniker of Jeremy Nutzman, who we have signed to 4AD Songs. Throughout the years, you may have found him under the names Spyder Baybie Raw Dog or Pony Bwoy, but Velvet Negroni is the most introspective version of himself to date.  His sparse and dark take on R+B is an outer-worldly experience that, in the world of Velvet Negroni, is simply day to day existence.  His debut album, T.C.O.D., is existentialist in tone and Dadaist in spirit: life is too hard to be serious and too amusing to be hard. With T.C.O.D., Velvet Negroni lets you in on this double-edged process.

Video for First Time