The fast-rising Londoner, likened to Arthur Russell and cult folk innovator John Martyn, has been turning heads with his blend of literary-inspired, magical-realist lyrics, whisper-soft melodies and echoes, beats and murmurs courtesy of close collaborator Bullion.

Westerman has a simple, elegant approach to the wispy, wide-eyed experimental pop he creates. “I see melodies and lyrics as the central sketch of a painting and the production around it kinda like a palette, the colours you surround and fill it with,” 27-year-old Will Westerman explains, a formula part-inspired by the former hits his mum would play him on early-morning car journeys to school.

Being many people’s tip as one of 2019’s UK breakout acts, anticipation turns towards his debut album slated for Autumn next year – “I feel like I’m starting to develop a palette that’s my own. Finding the right colours, it can be a rabbit hole. But it’s definitely getting there.” Westerman’s palette, you feel, is infinite.

“a promising writer who’s learned how to take good ideas and warp them into stranger, more sublime shapes” – Pitchfork Best New Track for “Confirmation”

“Westerman basically appeared out of nowhere with the equally euphoric and melancholic genius of ‘Confirmation'” – Stereogum’s Best Songs of 2018