Sae Heum Han is a South Korean born electronic music composer currently based out of Boston. Han’s musical journey began in his childhood with cello and classical music. He maintained his studies throughout his move to Canada and United States playing in orchestras and other various classical music ensembles while consequently exploring and immersing himself within western popular music. While attending Berklee College of Music to pursue a degree in Electronic Production and Design, Han started composing experimental electronic music under the moniker, mmph, and released 2 EP’s in 2016. His latest EP “Dear God” garnered the attention of publications and critics, drawing comparisons to sonic puzzle makers by the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, and Arca. “Serenade”, his ensuing EP released on Tri Angle, finds Han tinkering with classical tropes à la Wagner to evoke a newfound expressive romanticism resulting in a project that plays like a mini-opera. In 2018, Han did an official remix of the Perfume Genius song “Braid”. Mmph’s compositions bring to life the crossroads of classical music arrangement and forward-thinking electronic sound production.

More recently, Han composed for Apple’s Shot on iPhone “Experiments” series along with other Apple campaigns, created the soundtrack for 2019 film “Saving Zoe”, and assisted Bobby Krlic (The Haxan Cloak) in scoring Enemy Within on NBC. Additionally, Han is an additional composer on the Amazon show “Search Party” as well as working on music for the Jordan Brand under Nike.