Formed in 2019, Lifeguard are Asher Case (bass, vocals), Isaac Lowenstein (drums, percussion), and Kai Slater (guitar, vocals). At its core, Lifeguard is a punk band. Their music is loud, energetic, visceral and hypnotic, the songs adeptly balance melody and chaos, rhythm and drone. Hooks and noise are held to the same standard. Both have to stick.

On July 7th, Matador Records released two EPs by Lifeguard, each finds the band refining its voice – honing songs that are succinct, hooky, and propulsive.  Crowd Can Talk (initially released in the summer of 2022) and Dressed in Trenches (featuring five unreleased songs.) They were recorded in separate sessions, but at the same studio (Electrical Audio) and with the same engineer (Mike Lust) and within the space of 12 months.


“Drawing on alt-rock touchstones such as Mission of Burma and Les Savy Fav, Lifeguard’s sound owes much to the blend of melody and dissonance that characterised Sonic Youth circa Goo, all performed with a youthful brio.” – The Guardian

“Combining post-punk’s propulsive rhythms with progressive rock’s winding melodies, Lifeguard channel the verve and manic energy of making art with like-minded peers and the rush of sharing your bespoke musical world.” – Pitchfork