Hailing from Melbourne, but with a sound stretching from 60s and 70s afrobeat and exotica to Fela Kuti-esque repetition, the proto-garage rhythmic fury of The Monks and the grooves of Os Mutantes, there’s an enticing lost world exoticism to the music of Bananagun. It’s the sort of stuff that could’ve come from a dusty record crate of hidden gems; yet as the punchy, colourfully vibrant pair of singles Do Yeah and Out of Reach have proven over the past 12 months, the band are no revivalists. On debut album ‘The True Story of Bananagun’ (2020, Full Time Hobby), they make a giant leap forward with their outward-looking blend of global tropicalia.

‘The True Story of Bananagun’ marks Bananagun’s first full foray into writing and recording as a complete band, having originally germinated in the bedroom ideas and demos of guitarist, vocalist and flautist Nick van Bakel.

Van Bakel is joined by cousin Jimi Gregg on drums, Jack Crook (guitar/vocals), Charlotte Tobin (djembe/percussion) and Josh Dans (bass) and between them there’s a freshness and playful spontaneity to ‘The True Story of Bananagun’, borne out of late night practice jams and hangs at producer John Lee’s Phaedra Studios.