Alice Boman – Brodie Sessions

The second Brodie Session features the acclaimed Swedish singer/songwriter Alice Boman who recently released her album “Dream On”. In this session, Boman and her band perform ‘Don’t Forget About Me’, ‘Wish We Had More Time’, ‘This Is Where It Ends’ and ‘It’s OK, It’s Alright’.


Brodie Sessions are intimate house concerts captured on 16mm film by a music loving team. Brodie is an English bulldog that lives in a very special house in Copenhagen together with its owner. The house is a mind meddling architectural experience (by Danish Architect Lene Tranberg) and the owner likes to fill it with people, art and music.

The live session with Alice Boman was recorded on February 17th 2020.

Don’t Forget About Me 1:00

Wish We Had More Time 3:58

This Is Where It Ends 8:52

It’s OK, It’s Alright 13:24